Laszlo Ratgeber International Basketball Camp, Baja - 2023

Defending the pick-and-roll
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Rátgéber Academy
Diana Taurasi invites you!

The best basketball player in the world says: Come to the Rátgéber Academy!

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Basketball on the highest level

While coaching MiZo-Pécs I worked a lot on the development of my academy’s programme. I kept developing the training programmes I found out more than 20 years ago.

I focused on the betterment and improvement of training technology and optimalization, and also picked those technical, tactical, physical and psychic factors in high level basketball, that are usually neglected in the coaching of young players. more »
Where the future champions are born

Measuring of progress and guarantees at the Rátgéber Academy. Every applicant will be tested and classified in ten particular categories. The results will be put at the applicants’ disposal and he/she can take them back to his/her club and show them to his/her coach. And everything can and will be measured in next year’s camp! more »

Coach training

In our basketball camp we have a course for coaches and referees, too, apart from the teaching of players. Those coaches, who bring at least ten children (players) to the Rátgéber Basketball Camp, are entitled to attend the course free of charge, i. e. they will be provided a complete package with meals and accommodation. more »

Rátgéber Academy

Baja, Petőfi Sziget
Info: +36 30 9974 709
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